Finned Tubes

TRURFIN® Finned Tubes

Moisture Separator Reheater Tubes

  • Operating in more than 50 nuclear power station blocs worldwide
  • Typically in ferritic alloy grade TP439 / 1.4510
  • TRURFIN® finned tubes MSR

Forms of Supply

  • In straight lengths up to 40 meter
  • With unfinned tube ends
  • With defined tube ends
  • Entirely finned
  • With unfinned intermediate ends
  • As U-Bent tubes

Production Process

Straight lengths:

LASERFIN® Finned Tubes

  • Laser welding fin onto tube without filler material
  • Crevice free welding
    • No crevice corrosion
  • Thin and continuous weld seam
    • Weld seam 0.2mm
  • Small heat affected zone
    • No material deformation
  • Laser welding under protective atmosphere
    • No weld seam impurity
  • 100% welding between fin and tube
    • Optimum heat transfer

Welding Material Combinations

Tube material Fin material
Stainless steel Stainless steel
Stainless steel Aluminum
Stainless steel Copper
Stainless steel Carbon steel
Carbon steel Carbon steel
Carbon steel Aluminum
Carbon steel Copper
Cupro Nickel Aluminum
Cupro Nickel Copper
Titanium Titanium
Titanium Copper


Plain tube outside diameter 8mm – 74mm
Fin height 5mm – 20mm
Fin outside diameter 18mm – 84mm
Fin pitch 5 – 13 fins per inch
Maximum tube length 12,000mm

General applications

Heat exchangers for cooling and heating of gases and liquids

  • Heating industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Power plants
  • Heat recovery plants
  • General engineering

Heat exchanger for gas- and oil-condensing boilers

LASERFIN® finned tube coils